OK, I finally figured out why...

Bill Featherstone /

the gas was leaking in my 1983 Derbi SLE Variant moped, which has a Dell'Orto SHA 12-12 with semi-automatic choke carburetor (at least that's what the manual says). The black rubber gas line leading from the fuel tank into the carburetor was either cut, broke off, or pulled out. Can't tell, as I never noticed how it was attached. Anyway, I can't seem to figure out a way of determining exactly how to reattach it other than by pulling the carburetor, the space is so tight to work in. That seems like a lot to have to do to figure out how to reattach the hose, especially since I'm about as useful with tools around a motor as a pig is with 3 tails. Can anybody help? Has anyone had this experience before? Thanks, Bill

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Re: OK, I finally figured out why...

gimmyjimmy /


How ya doing with the Ghia?

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