Garelli clutch cable snapped. Need some help...

psychowulf /

Ok, I have tried fixing this myself and due to my bad work schedule (ie no time off), I've been too tired to post on here before... Anyone have any idea how to fix a clutch cable on a Garelli? Basically I have the cable, and have everything set up, just can't get the right tension on it.

Any ideas, or just take it to a bike shop real quick. (what I'm thinking)

Well, any help would be appriciated, and yes, it's still a beautiful bike, but till this clutch cable gets fixed can't run it. =^ (

By the way, any moped enthusiasts near Johnstown, PA? Planning on moving up there soon and would finally like to meet more than one person that has one. Plus any help on finding/getting a title... I'll need one now I guess... sighs Just had a owner-made bill of sale down here and MD didn't even need that.

Re: Garelli clutch cable snapped. Need some help..

Hi,Psychowulf! Could it be that there's too much wear or damage inside for the right amount of travel? Or maybe your replacement cable is stretching? Those cables have to be thick and tough and the return spring has to work well or you'll hear noises.Make sure you get the heavy cable that's made for it.Call HANDY-BIKES (614-299-0550) if you don't know where to locate one already.BYE!

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