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Hi,Mike! Just was thinking about your problem and since you're absolutely positive there's no foreign substance getting onto the drum or shoes,I'll tell you what I'd doublecheck.First,are they 100% factory replacement shoes and not some knock-off brand.Then,are they absolutely the right set of shoes?Please don't get insulted by me here because I'm just as confused about this as you.If there's no problems that all these guys have brought up,it's got to be something really weird.NOW THIS MAY SEEM EXTREME,but I've seen brake drums on cars get glazed so smooth that they had to be turned or roughened.Since you can't get it turned,I guess,then I'd remove the wheel bearings and seals and LIGHTLY `beadblast it' .Any motor building shop has a bead blaster and would no doubt hit it real lightly for you.The only other thing I've seen cause bad brakes is if the shoes slide sideways in the drum(inner to outer usually) because of slanted drum wear.I hope you find a solution to it.BYE!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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