sucky brakes continued

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today i went out and tried to figure what the problem is on my moped brakes. i opened up the front wheel and it is aparent that the whole brake surface is touching the drum. this is found because there was a shiney black coating on the new pads. isanded that off then i opened the back again. i found that same coating only a little bit off to the sides had none on them. sanded this down. put the brakes back in the drum and pressed the lever on the brake in and tried moving the brake... it was easy to move it forward but no that easy to move them backwards. i noticed this on the old set of pads too. so i decided to switch back brake to front and front to back. the i tried it... and exactly the same...DAMNIT!!!! wtf is wrong with theses brakes. is my drum worn? the drum is part of the rim so this would make me by the whole god damn rim too. what a rip off. i sanded the drums smooth and shiny but still the same. any sugestions gurus.oh and for the whole story go to sucky tomos targa brakes a couple post down. and ree the little thing htat turns the brake is not worn.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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