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today i went out and tried to figure what the problem is on my moped brakes. i opened up the front wheel and it is aparent that the whole brake surface is touching the drum. this is found because there was a shiney black coating on the new pads. isanded that off then i opened the back again. i found that same coating only a little bit off to the sides had none on them. sanded this down. put the brakes back in the drum and pressed the lever on the brake in and tried moving the brake... it was easy to move it forward but no that easy to move them backwards. i noticed this on the old set of pads too. so i decided to switch back brake to front and front to back. the i tried it... and exactly the same...DAMNIT!!!! wtf is wrong with theses brakes. is my drum worn? the drum is part of the rim so this would make me by the whole god damn rim too. what a rip off. i sanded the drums smooth and shiny but still the same. any sugestions gurus.oh and for the whole story go to sucky tomos targa brakes a couple post down. and ree the little thing htat turns the brake is not worn.

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This may be way off base but since I don't have any idea what the brakes look like on your bike or how they are installed, is it possible that they are installed backwords. Brakes are supposed to be self loading, that is the forward motion causes to shoe to press harder as the wheel rotates. That's why drum brakes don't work as well in reverse. Just a wild shot in the dark.

Re: sucky brakes continued

Reeperette /

Ok, so the Cam/Pin isn't worn...that's good.

Now, If I knew the age and mileage of the ped - I could hazard a guess as to wear on the rotor inside the wheel, but even so I honestly don't think that's it.

If the Cam (that pin that turns em out) isn't worn, next step would be to check the brake lever for wear - that is the piece that turns the cam...but that is simple enough - if squeezing the brake lever without the brakes in there turns the pin a full and complete 90's not worn.

It would suck to have to replace the wheels in a case like this - I wonder if it is possible to have them re-lined ?

Best bet to ask THAT question to...would be Ron or Fred.


Re: sucky brakes continued

Ron Brown /


It sounds like you have done almost everything to get your brakes working, I suspect that the forward/backward thig is more perception that real. Peds are easier to push forward anyway.

Ped brakes are "single leading shoe" brakes, which means they exert the same braking force going forward or backward. "Double leading shoe" brakes are the ones that don't work going backwards.

On to your problem. I wonder where the shiny black comes from on your shoes. Abresive action on steel, which is what your brake drums are lined with, does create black stuff. But it does not sound like you have had enough braking action to do this.

Have you cleaned the inside of the drum and the shoes with brake cleaner until a paper towel comes away clean?

If this is true, then the only thing left is pad shoe material. I don't know what you have done so far, you may have to refresh me.


The reason why they are sucky brakes is because th


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Hi,Mike! Just was thinking about your problem and since you're absolutely positive there's no foreign substance getting onto the drum or shoes,I'll tell you what I'd doublecheck.First,are they 100% factory replacement shoes and not some knock-off brand.Then,are they absolutely the right set of shoes?Please don't get insulted by me here because I'm just as confused about this as you.If there's no problems that all these guys have brought up,it's got to be something really weird.NOW THIS MAY SEEM EXTREME,but I've seen brake drums on cars get glazed so smooth that they had to be turned or roughened.Since you can't get it turned,I guess,then I'd remove the wheel bearings and seals and LIGHTLY `beadblast it' .Any motor building shop has a bead blaster and would no doubt hit it real lightly for you.The only other thing I've seen cause bad brakes is if the shoes slide sideways in the drum(inner to outer usually) because of slanted drum wear.I hope you find a solution to it.BYE!

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Hi, I went thru the SAME thing with my 94 Tomos TT, to fix it I sanded the entire shoe, then at the heal and toe of the shoes, bevel off the square edge... Free up the actuating thing so it works good, you do want the drum clean!!! but sanding it shinny smooth, you may as well shoot yourself in the foot! You got to have friction...go over with rough paper.... and like a car they are not set up to do much stopping going backwards. PS- ck and make sure the cable is not just flexing when brakes applied ....had to change that also. Remember that they have to be worn in (seated) also, give it a chance... Sorry to be windy! Doug D. in VA.

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shithead u ruined ur brke pads moron

Re: sucky brakes continued

blow me asshole!!!!! plz explain how i "ruined" the pads. i bet ur only 12. u got a piece of shit moped that looks like a turd with an engine..... and then when u get biger ur gonna get a harley thats louder than me after eating ree fried beans. arent u, u little son-of-a-bitch?

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