Hey, Ree--!! (brake cable)

Wayne Broderick /

I blew a front brake cable... (I know, leave my private life out of it...)

Can I use any old bike cable on the 2000 tomas targa? Saw it was 15.00 at the moped junkyard online-- I used a 10 speed derailler cable for the throttle, but I wouldn't dare use it on the brakes......

15 bucks seemed like a lot-- figured the local honda shop might have something... but they practically hang up when you mention moped...

Thanks-- I knew you'd know this.

Brake Cable Replacement

Chris Robertson /

I usually use universal bicycle brake cables. You can get them at any store that sells bikes.


Re: Hey, Ree--!! (brake cable)

Reeperette /

Well, way I see it...if yer gonna spend $15.00 or more...buy a small motorcycle cable, when it comes to braking power I tend to avoid skimping...since it's my own arse on the line there.

But if you wanna get off cheap, yeah, bicycle cable works pretty good too...make sure to save the adjustors from the old cable (even if you hafta cut em off) if you are going to go that route, however.


Re: Hey, Ree--!! (brake cable)

Use a beefier version if you can, i prefer to use mountian bike brake cables if i have the choice.


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