I need a motobecane chain!

i had twisted the chain on my moby, so i took the one off my jawa, and i figured all chains are the same so it will fit, right? WRONG. there is a tiny difference in the size of the links, so it didnt want to sit properly on the sproket. I went to my local motorcycle shop, and they told me that mopeds usually use American standard size chains, and they only carried metric type. I would appreciate if someone could tell where i could find the proper chain. I would prefer to have a chain that was originally off a moby, so i know it will fit. If anyine has a moby for parts er sumthing, id luv to get a chain here!

Re: I need a motobecane chain!

Try Moped Warehouse on your search engine. Your chain is probably a 415 something or other. I own a Puch and a Peugeot and the drive chains on them look identical but they're not. The french chain has a slightly longer pitch. Brian

Re: I need a motobecane chain!

or try handybikes,

<a href="http://www.handybikes.com">here</a>;

Re: I need a motobecane chain!

Simon King /

go for handybikes like dan said. i've ordered a motobecane chain from them before.

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