worst ebay sell, EVER

flipping through the devil... i mean ebay, and i see this.

not only does he call this a moped, but for $4,000, he somehow plans to sell this piece of sh*t...


Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

Thanks for pointing that out. I got a good laugh out of that one. Aside from the price tag can you actually see yourself riding around in something like that. It looks like a pimped out retard bicycle. And the colors and zoomer logo are Mint.

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

Reeperette /

It's not even a moped...it's an aftermarket modification of a scooter - look at the front end.

It's worth about $800.00, for good condition, novelty value and all...and prolly really does 35mph, being scooter based.

But four grand ? not unless it were gold plated.

What a chump.


Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

mike hartel /

Hey man i have an elite im riding to bbq5.

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

Wayne Broderick /

Pimped out retard bike... Just sprayed soda on my computer through my nose.

Oh yeah.. the geek on the P.O.R.B. (pimped out retard bike)

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER


that's fine! but this guy is selling a two seater scooter for $4000 and calling it a moped in the meanwhile, pretty ridiculous if you ask me...

P.O.R.B for sure!

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

he's even stupider than the guy who wanted to sell those two "mint" suzuki mopeds for $2400.

what really sucks is that if/when mopeds make a comeback, rich jackasses who already drive mercedes suvs will buy up the nice vintage peds because of their retro kick. makes it harder for us to ride them. bastards! man, i hate the bourgeoisie.

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

The guy actually sold the Pimped Out Retard Bike!

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

Wayne Broderick /

Auction ended-- zero bids. Nobody bid on the P.O.R.B. --

how do you drive that thing? It's not a side car-- my guess is that some HUGE fatass rides around in it.

Does one person hold each handlebar when riding double?

Izzat this custom? Or was it actually sold 'stock'?

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

Don't be so harsh, people. It probably belongs to a birthday clown trying to make bail.

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

Simon King /

just so all this discussion of the P.O.R.B. can make sense in the future, i've attached a photo for when the auction is gone.


$4,000 obo

Must sell. Comes with old man.


Pimped out Retard Bike

Wayne Broderick /


Pimped out Monster Bike

XBrandon EdgeX /

While we're on the subject of Pimped-out Bikes of unusual construction, check out what I found...


What in the Hell is that Link?

Wayne Broderick /

I trimmed the link a little, looking for other pics--! I found other pics alright. The "StileProject" is bizarre. What is it?

Re: What in the Hell is that Link?

XBrandon EdgeX /

It's basically an online journal of a nihilist. He takes all of the crazy, disturbing, and mind-blowning stuff he finds on the internet and puts them on his site. If you can stand sorting through the intense gore and hardcore pornography, you can usually find a lot of funny stuff. I found a few MP3's there of people making prank phone calls using a sound board of Al Pacino. I almost died laughing.

Re: Pimped out Monster Bike

Holy shit.

Re: Pimped out Retard Bike


A blast from the past`

Re: Pimped out Retard Bike

Justin Tomosulo /

haha good stuff...glad u brought it up lol.

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER (photo)

Stupid Flea /


Simon archived a photo of this nasty thing. His post didn't say "photo" though. this thing really has to be seen to get the true humor.

$4k for this P.O.R.B.

Yuck. See link above for photo.

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

Ryan (rye) Bastianelli /

the funniest thing is if somebody bought it to use as a rickshaw the driver would have to sit in between the 2 passengers.

talk about ruining a romantic date.


Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

Louie Armstrong /

i would spend at most $1000 dollars if i wanted it, but i dont.

Worst ebay sell, EVER

worst E-bay deal ever?

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

What I'd be proud to own THAT handicapped trike!


Re: Pimped out Monster Bike

Re: worst ebay sell, EVER

i love you guys

Re:Ebay bike

Whatever auction it was that you were talking about is gone. I guess ebay took it down for some listing policy violation.

Re: Ebay bike

Man, you guys have got to do something about your archives. I didn't realize that the original thread was five years old until I noticed that I didn't recognize half of the posters in the thread.

Re: Ebay bike

"I didn't recognize half of the posters in the thread"

Some of old farts actually remember Simon and Ree.

Way back in 2001 the moped army was trashing on scooters and calling out terrible e-bay deals?

Plus, without the archives there would be no PORB thread to bump every few years.

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