solex moped, to run or not to run that is the ques

i have a solex s3800 moped and i went over every thing and the damn thing just wont start, it has really good compresson, spark, cleaned out carb, i tryed starting but wont, and suggestions? also does anyone have a 19-2 size tire or 19-2.25 size tire for sale?

.. to run requires reading... that.. is the answer

Well... One of those things has you fooled.. it either doesn't have good compression... a good enough spark at the right time... or good fuel is not getting into the combustion chamber....... gar .. on .. teed

Search for my guide called "How To Fix Your Moped"... it has all the steps to follow to get your solex to run.

Use the search above for the word... oxygen ... that will take you straight to it.

Re: they are wierd


Have you verified that you have fuel flow? Unlike any other moped the Solex has a fuel pump. See that when you turn the motor over ther is return fuel flow to the tank thru the hose on top.

If there isn't, the fuel filter in the tank or fuel lines could be clogged. Also the pump diaphragm may need replacing. Also the main jet could be clogged. Check the Solex Owners Club of America on Yahoo Clubs for lots of technical info.

Usually it's not a big problem to get them running. I have three of them and the one that doen't run is because the motor is apart.

All the parts are available from

Jim C.

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