Repair Stand, (Bike Mount?)

Wayne Broderick /

How do you support the peds during repairs when you need to have it in the air?

The centerstand kickstand was good, but it had to come off.

I'm going to build a tool area and get a little shop ready, need advice to save $$.

Re: Repair Stand, (Bike Mount?)

Simon King /

You could try a block of wood or a cinder block. Not very good suggestions - but they might work out to get it in the air enough for you to work on. On a side note, here is a photograph of the work bench at <a href="" target="_blank">Akron Moped</a> -- I wish I had something this slick.

<img src="">

Re: Repair Stand, (Bike Mount?)

SteelToad /

If you're talking about a tomos, the center stand will still work, you just need to

slide it back into place. It's not as stable as when it's bolted in, but works just


Re: Repair Stand, (Bike Mount?)

Hi,Wayne! I usually set the `ped up on my F-250's bed(tailgate removed).But the other day I had reasonably good success gettin' under her by putting the front wheel on a car ramp that has the depression for a car tire to nestle into,and putting the proper thickness of board or similar material under the kickstand.The front wheel turned and kinda' locked into position for stability because of the depression in the ramp.BYE!

Re: Repair Stand, (Bike Mount?)

Did You figure a stand out yet? I built one out of some scrap metal (welded) If not, I`ll send you a photo of mine, fits under rear axle nuts, use it on the AMF`s and Tomos`s both. Doug

Re: Repair Stand, (Bike Mount?)

Wayne Broderick /

I like the idea of attaching the center stand and putting it on a high bench--(for targa)

But, I'll need to get a more universal stand for when I start buying and repairing. My wife won't buy me used peds to repair until I can prove I can repair and maintain mine.

within a few years, I'll be able to fix anything, and hopefully be the local underground moped supplier. sell and restore old peds, but refuse to seel them to yuppies or posers. Wait for the kid who really deserves a good ped, and sell it to him--

you just can't find good old peds, and if a shop restores them, they sell for too much.


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