Mopeds in Australia

Arthur Boyer /

I am interested in buying a moped in Australia but am having difficulty locating them. Any suggestions.

Re: Mopeds in Australia

Chris Robertson /

Keep your eye on the classified section on <a href=""></a>.


Re: Mopeds in Australia

Chris Robertson /

Re: Postage S&amp;H

Wayne Broderick /

When my Targa was shipped to me, I was amazed at the size of the box. It took about 2 hours to set up everything, and I'm a hack with tools.

You could get a new moped, ship it to your destination and assemble it there.

I'm sure you can also ship older peds, but I was impressed that they could put a new moped in a little rectangular box.

--Just an idea. I'm sure there are local dealers.

Re: Mopeds in Australia

Go directly to - anything you could want really.

Re: Mopeds in Australia

Uh, this question was asked eight years ago.

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