Polini exhaust

I'm thinking about getting a Polini performance exhaust for my motobecane, just wondering if anyone has any experience with these. What type of speed increase should I expect ? Will it make it louder ? Will I have to change the jetting ? Thanks!

Re: Polini exhaust

I won a bid on ebay for a ploini ehxuast for a vespa grande that i'm gonna try and rig up to my kinetic. The measurements that I have taken look like it will fit. Its in the mail right now. If it all works out then ill tell u how it does. It looks like a pretty solid product.

Re: Polini exhaust

we have several polinis in kzoo. i have one on my 1977 bianchi snark. it does improve performance, and i didn't lose too much top end. of course, we also have 15.15 carburetors ... mine's rather loud, but it has gotten much quieter recently. just sounds deeper than the waspish hum of a regular moped. i gained about 5mph at least on the combination polini and carburetor. some finer tuning on jetting and the airbox should get me more.

i recommend the polini exhausts. they seem better made than the biturbo. another option is the leo vinci exhaust. we have one in kzoo also, it works very well. also sturdy.

Re: Polini exhaust

Simon King /

I've been thinking about getting one of these too. My main concern is how it's going to mount. I believe that it has to mount on the side of the moped, not underneath it like a normal exhaust.

Re: Polini exhaust

a certain italian friend of mine was selling a motobecane polini on ebay. it's specially designed to work on motobecane ... maybe you should email him?

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