KILL switch couldn't hurt a fly.

gimmyjimmy /

I got to ride my ped everyday last week on vacation, ran fine, no problems.

Yesterday, before I came home, the kill switch quit working. I didn't have time to find the problem, I'm thinking a faulty or corroded button at the handlebar.

My question,

Does pushing that button complete a ignition ground (kill) at the handlebar, or do I have to trace the wire into the headlight (where there's a big ball of spaghetti wiring) or go all the way to the points?

It's a Minarelli engine/wiring.

thanks in advance, fellas

Re: KILL switch couldn't hurt a fly.

Ron Brown /


It is usually a wire from the points side of the coil to the switch, which grounds it.

Chances are good that the problem is in the switch.


Re: KILL switch couldn't hurt a fly.

gimmyjimmy /

Thanks Ron,

The switch (pushbutton) is the first thing I'll check. The bike sat outside a couple nights at the marina and got moisture (salty air) on it. I washed it before I left, but I'll get the ol' WD 40 out on the switches.

I read your questions about the outboard motors and Fred covered it pretty damn good, if ya need more, there is a boating forum I go to sometimes and they love diving into (pun) those kind of questions.

here it is: ( click on powerboat forum)


but if you have a neighbor that is in the business, you're only a stroll away.


swim and deploy

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