sucky tomos targa brakes

my tomos targa has really shitty brakes. i used to be able to skid and stop really quickly. so a couple days ago i bought new pads. i put them in and tried the brakes. and they were almost the same but a little bit better. so then i did a test, i took off the back wheel(easiest to do) then i took 80 grit sand paper and sanded the drum and a little bit of the new pads. then i took soap and a rag and cleand the drum and the shoes. then let dry and reasembled. then i tried the back break....EXACTLY the same. anyone have any ideas? should i try to sand the drum till its all smooth instead of the cuts that are in it now? or any other sugestions would be great.

Re: sucky tomos targa brakes

Chris Robertson /

I could use some info on treating brakes myself.

I recently bought a Honda PC50 and the brakes on it <b>suck</b>. I've taken them apart several times, sanded them down with 100 grit and wiped them with brake parts cleaner until a paper towel wipes clean.

There's still a lot of meat on the pads so I'm confused as to why the braking doesn't seem to improve.


Re: sucky tomos targa brakes

Reeperette /


Tomos has three adjustment points for both handlebars...and sometimes one at the other end of the rear a rare case you have one of those on the front too.

I think I know the problem - as the brakes wore, someone kept spinning out the adjustors...and when the brakes were replaced they were still in that position, so adjusting them isn't helping none cause they are close to max now.

Spin all of your adjustors alla way close....THEN re-fit the brakes, and pull the cables all tight...THEN spin them out to adjust...that should help some.

Now, if you want more braking power than a Tomos usually delivers, you can use heavier cables, and possibly larger levers (for more squeeze-power leverage) but a Targa's levers in comparison to most mopeds are pretty damn large already.

Also, having good tires helps too...I reccommend Cheng Shin.

Give alla that a shot, ok ?


Re: sucky tomos targa brakes

i got new cables for both of the brakes. the adjusters are all the way in and when i squeze the bakes the lever almost come to the handle bar but thats at max squeeze. any harder and the cable might snap.(its happened to me b4) well ree can u answer that?

Re: sucky tomos targa brakes

Reeperette /

Yeah, perhaps...check the Square "Pin" inside the brake drum for wear, and check the spring tension in there.

It's possible, and not that expensive, to replace either one if need be.

You hafta eliminate the simple stuff first, when your trying to diagnose a problem on a Moped you cannot see...keep in mind.

One step at a time, dude.


Re: sucky tomos targa brakes

Hi! Along with what Ree said,Make sure the hub didn't get a high spot or ridge from the previous brake shoes.On autos it's no problem because you turn the drums when you fit new shoes.Also,make SURE no grease or oil is getting onto those shoes.I don't know TOMOS like Ree does so these are very general suggestions.BYE!

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