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how much are these worth?

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depends. running? not running? what condition is it in physically? how complete? missing any parts? rust? dents? miles? all those things matter.

most people wouldn't pay more than $300-400 for a good condition running moped. unless it's a very rare model, but the pinto isn't. after that, prices should go down depending on condition. a bike in fairly good condition physically, but not running, shouldn't get more than $100-150 depending on what it needs. these are all estimates, mind you.

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Simon King /

Just so you know, it's a Puch motor on that -- JC Penny just distributed them. I can't say how much it's worth unless I knew the specifics, but I can say that the Pinto in a really hot bike. I love the chrome tanks.

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There have been some recent posts on the Pinto herre recently. Use the

"Search" feature on this page to find them.

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