Tomos Points Problem?

Hey, I have a 1993 Tomos Golden Bullet. I am fixing it for some1. It ran twice, after like 20-30 kicks (ridiculous) There's a brand new carb, and i cleaned everything. It is missing a piston ring, and the cylinder head gasket it worn a lot. I does not start now. I cleaned the points, and set them, but it still doensn't start. I borrowed my friends cdi ignition. Still no start. I checked all the cables and everything seems to be ok. When I kick seems like i'm kicking it w/out the kill switch in the on position (you know-the i can start sound) The headlight turns on quite brightly each time i kick, so i know nothing is wrong with the electricals...however I'm thinking maybe the point or condensor is screwed? What exactly do they do? Does this sound like the problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx

Re: Tomos Points Problem?

Maybe a long shot, but i would try and get another ring and either remove that gasket and put some gasket forming stuff in or get a new one. I'm thinkin if all your electrical is good, the compression may be bad.

Re: Tomos Points Problem?

turn off the damn lights and electrical shit.

Get new rings first.

Seems to me that you indicate 2 problems.

#1... You say "it is missing a piston ring"... I am not that familiar with Tomos's.. Do they have 2 rings?... Then buy a new set of rings before you do anything else!!!

#2... You say "the head gasket is really worn"... I was under the understanding that Tomos's didn't have head gaskets... but if yours did... then buy a new one!!! or ditch the old one.

Fix the things you know are wrong before you start chasing your tail with other stuff.

Your compression may be too low because of the 2 things above.

Did you use my guide called "How To Fix Your Moped" ??

It has clear step by step instructions to get it to run.

Re: Tomos Points Problem?

Chris Robertson /

Hi Ed:

If you suspect your CDI is the problem you should put your CDI into your friend's (working) moped to test it instead of the other way around (putting a good CDI into a broken moped).

The reason for this is that it is possible you have more than one thing wrong! You could replace your potentially faulty CDI with a good one, but not fix, say, bad compression and incorrectly conclude, because your ped still doesn't start, that the problem is not the CDI.


Re: Tomos Points Problem?

Reeperette /

A - Get new rings.

You need both of those rings for good compression, it's like $8.95 max, for a pair.

B - Chuck the gasket.

Neither the A3 or A5 use one, so what's it doin in there in the first place ?

Remove it, and clean the area well or light-sand it with ultra-fine grit sandpaper...makin sure not to let ANY dust from that get in it.

Also, be real careful tightening the head bolts down, don't gorilla-muscle em or you might strip em, this is a common problem with Tomos...and if I had compression issues, I would check to see if they are stripped.

Try alla that,


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