Manual for General 5 Star ST

Does anyone know where I can get a repair manual for a 1980 General 5 Star ST? I've tried the Moped Warehouse via e-mail and then a phone call and they don't get back to me. My problem is that my son and his friend took it completely apart to paint it (A black Darth Vader look) and didn't copy the wiring diagram or where the parts go.

Re: Manual for General 5 Star ST

doh! ...

ok, first you need to know the type of engine you have. the wiring and all that will depend on the engine. the general came w/ minarelli, morini, and sachs engines. so look at the engine and find out. a manual for one of those engines will do it.

contact handybikes for manuals. talk to them. they seem to know just about everything about mopeds.

good luck!

Re: Manual for General 5 Star ST

Thanks-It's a Sachs engine-I'll give it a try

Re: Manual for General 5 Star ST

as long as the engine wasn't taken apart ... you should be able to put everything back. mopeds aren't that complicated. but it will take a lot of patience. the wiring is the complicated part ... you'll need the sachs manual for that.

Re: Manual for General 5 Star ST

Rob Hoehn /


Good luck, I am rewiring my General Right now also. Mine has a minarelli.


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