Avanti Auto Hesitation

Mr. Brown, I asked the forum because I thought someone may have seen the problem before and could help me troubleshoot it, not to be called a liar.

For those of you who offered the advice, I took the following actions:

1. Cleaned the Carb

2. Trying to increase the throttle slowly

It has not happend again (yet) I will let you know in a couple of weeks what the outcome is.

Re: Avanti Auto Hesitation

jess_monster /

I don't think he was calling you a liar. I think you read the message too critically. Mr. Brown seems like a smart guy and has a lot to offer. Just my two cents.

Re: Avanti Auto Hesitation

Ron Brown /


I had to go and hunt for your original post and my response, just to see what got your shorts so twisted up. I assume that the following is what you were talking about:


Good theory, except if trex is not lying to us, this happens all day long, only one day a week. Maybe this ped has adopted a peculiar religion? :-)"

OK, I should have said:

"Brian, you dummy, this problem happens all day long, only one day a week."

Now Brian is pissed off at me, but I do hope you feel better and I appologize if I offended you.


Re: Avanti Auto Hesitation

Ron Brown /




Re: Avanti Auto Hesitation


Jess and you are correct, I did read it wrong and critically, I thought you were saying that the problem could not happen just at certin times (i.e. about once a week). It is I who need to appologize to you.

Thanks and sorry

Re: Avanti Auto Hesitation

Miniengine /


LOL I don't wear my emotions on my shirt sleeves so your okay on this end Ron. It would take more then a few words to desolve the friendship we've made over the last weeks.

Now you want to talk about dummies. I almost had the Batavus sealed bearing modification for the hub ready for post when I caught myself about to make a mistake. I made a spacer tube for between the bearings that the treaded rod axle would slide through and then discovered that if I assembled it as is, that I would have no way to disassemble it. The solution was to make a treaded tube so you could hammer on the treaded rod to knock one set of bearings out. I asked myself why on God's green earth would Batavus use a treaded rod axle that was 12mm-1.0mm. I can't find taps let alone nuts to fit this thread. It must be a bicycle standard. So in a scramble to denounce my dummy status I'm using 12mm-1.75mm threaded rod. I should have this project completed by this coming weekend. Next on the list will be the shaving of the Batavus head.

If it ain't broke, you're not trying hard enough.


Lamborn's Miniature Engines


Re: Avanti Auto Hesitation

Ron Brown /


Somehow, I knew I would not offend you, I was just trying to show trex that he should not take things too literally.

On your bearing project, motorcycles avoid this problem by using a smaller diameter tube than the inside of the hub. You can slide it to one side to get a drift onto the far bearing.

I'm sure you have considered this, but you have to make sure that the spacer does not allow the bearings to be pre-loaded toward each other. The easy way around this is to let one of the bearings "float" in the hub.

Another piece of useless info. In England, al fasteners on bicycles and a lot of motorcycle fasteners used a standard "bicycle" thread. This is 26 tpi, regardless of the diameter. Could this be your axle thread? I have only seen this on the free wheel on peds.


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