busted piston

check out this piston. i thought i had rocks in my engine, i kept picking them out of my spark plug. it turns out that the engine eat the piston. what is amaizing is that it ran long enough for me to get second in the BBQ race, and then it promptly quit. i actually think that it broke in two stages, the first breakage actually gave me performance. then the second breakage took it away.


Re: busted piston

here is the pic.


Re: busted piston

Way back a long time ago, when I didn't know any better, I used to race snowmobles on weekends. We learned that if your sled suddenly started to run like it was supercharged, shut it down because the engine is about to blow. I had to rebuilt 2 kawasaki 440 engines before I learned that and parts for those engines were very expensive.

Re: busted piston

That's very true, they say that 2 strokes run their best right before they blow. Good luck getting the piston installed Dan, I had a helluva time with my motobecane.

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