Can I get some tips from folks about how to choose a helmet?

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SteelToad /

First, figure out how much of your head/face you can afford to loose.

Next, find a helmet that covers the areas you would prefer to keep.

But seriously, I use a Cyber w/ visor (no face shield ;) . I picked the

Cyber mainly because it was open faced, DOT approved, and only

$35 new.

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Jamie Leonard /

When choosing a helmet you want one that fits comfortably, but is tight enough to make your scalp move a bit when you move the helmet (in other words it makes even, comfortable contact across the top of your head)

As to what type - probably depends on what kind of riding you do. You can't go wrong with a full face helmet (more protection is never bad) but I compromised on an open face helmet as I rarely go above 50kph myself. If you plan to ride in the rain, on busy streets, on rougher roads, you'll want more protection. If you have a lot of debris, gravel on the road, etc... you'll probably want a full plexi face shield type (or full helmet with visor) to protect you from bits hitting you.

Oh and always ride with the chin strap on - helmet won't do you much good if you lay your bike down and leave the helmet tumbling along behind you :)

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In summer the full face helmets with sheilds can get hot. Those little vents in the forehead and chin area work best at motorcycle speeds, not at 25mph. Because of the heat I've seen guys loosen the strap and prop them up higher on their head for ventlation. I agree with the guys above...snug fit and chin strap are the most important items. The addition of the Snell approval holds the helmet to a higher standard of testing but even in over regulated NJ. Dot approval is sufficient. wal

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Get a Bell Star 1. Its a closed-faced helmet, and costes around $100 new.

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Simon King /
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