Info on a Wellbike found

Well, Dad and I pulled his Wellbike out of the garage, and took some pics. They're forthcoming, but I wanted to share the markings that were on it and see if anyone had any input.

Machine serial # C5154550

"Use petrol mixture

16 parts petrol

1 part M220 oil

Mix thoroughly"

Chassis contract no: 294/23/S1946

Logo on engine is Villiers Junior

On trans case, "Engine Lubrication 1 part Patent Castrol XL oil to 16 parts petrol"

Clutch case "Castrol D Gear Oil" "England"

Engine block, embossed "Villiers Deluxe Junior 8 5784"

Side of block, No XXE3960

It's all original, and really an amazing machine. I hope to post pictures later this week, of the Wellbike, and the 56 Everest, and the 72 Vespa Boxer.

Re: Info on a Wellbike found

cool, we await seeing the pics.


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