My brother is real funny!REAL J.J.

J.J. Slayback /

Hello everyone! My brother thought it would be real funny to make light of my obsession with mopeds/scooters! He owns a Harley,enough said!So sorry about the mix up! I really did get in an accident.My Honda Passport is trashed,and to most people it's just a scooter,but to me its my pride and joy!I thank everyone who replies to any of my comments.Now I really have to watch my spelling! Hey,does anybody know about the scooter/moped meet in Iowa in late August? I talked to a guy named Jay but lost his number. I think he was really into Vespa's! I would be to,if I could afford it! THANKS!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MOPEDS/SCOOTERS are vehicles too!!!!!!!!!!------------------------------------------------------WE ARE THE BREAKING AWAY OF THE MOTORCYCLE WORLD!-----------------CUTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: My brother is real funny!REAL J.J.

XBrandon EdgeX /

See what info you can get on that moped/scooter meet in Iowa. I live about 5 miles from the Iowa state line. I'd love to see a local moped event.

Re: My brother is real funny!REAL J.J.

jess_monster /

yeah, I'd go for a road trip to go and check it out too. Tell us what you find!

Re: My brother is real funny!REAL J.J.

JJ, glad you're okay. Your bro had us a wee-bit concerned.

Re: My brother is real funny!REAL J.J.


Is your brother's Harley a Leggero? That was a 90cc Italian made number they sold in the 60's & 70's. I've got two Harleys (real ones) and still find the mopeds fun.

He should get that medical attention..

Jim C.

Re: My brother is real funny!REAL J.J.

JJ Slayback /

no doubt jimbo!!!!!

Re: My brother is real funny!REAL J.J.

gimmyjimmy /


I think some folks find it strange that a Harley rider will own and ride mopeds like us, hell, I'll ride anything that has wheels and rudders, but no damn hooves.

I've even tried a unicycle, never again.

Mopeds are just plain fun to ride, easy to maintain, and limited legal requirements.

The big bikes for highway trips and the peds for around town, it's nice to have both of the 2 wheeled worlds.

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