Moped alarm, simple and effective!

My friend recently baught me a Kensington laptop computer alarm for my moped. It is really interesting and works great on the moped. The way it works is it has a padlock thing as well as a keypad. You may arm it by pressing 1 and 3 simultainiously, once armed any slight movement to the unit (or in my case the moped/unit) will trigger the alarm and make it sound (very loud too). you can disarm the alarm by entering your code into the keypad. It also has a flashing red LED when armed, which would help deter possible theives from taking a chance at the moped. ( - you can look there for a small picture of the unit). I place it behind my dash on my targa lx. Where at night the red led is very visable. A simple but effective idea by me- Wisky.


Re: Moped alarm, simple and effective!

XBrandon EdgeX /

That's a good idea! Does it have it's own power supply?

Re: Moped alarm, simple and effective!

Reeperette /

Nice...I will add this to the list.


Re: Moped alarm, simple and effective!

Its power supply is 3 AAA batteries, or if you have a charger and nicad batteries, you can use those. but 3 dry cells work fine for me. If i wanted i could probably find a way to tightly mount it, but for now whenever i need it I just mount (velcro) it to the dash of my moped. For times like when I am out at 1:30 at night (AM) parked in a bad neighborhood playing pool with friends. It is loud enough to be heard from inside a building.

Re: Moped alarm, simple and effective!

Hi,Wisky! I have a similar outfit made by Quorum(CYCLOCK).The only thing I would ask you is : Is this a weatherproof alarm like the Quorum,because we all know what heat,humidity,rain,splash,cold,etc. can do to something that's not made to handle it.BYE!

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