does anyone know where i can get tires size 2.00-19, cheap? and inner tube

Re: tires

Reeperette /

I dunno...BUT...Next time I pass Rockys (Local Cycle Shop) - I will have a look.

Try contacting Cheng Shing, or their american counterpart MAXXIS Rubber products...I do believe they carry a line or two in that size.

As for tubes, any BELL Self-Sealing 20" - I use 16" in my Tomos Targa and I NEVER get flats.

Bell are actually bicycle tubes, technically, but they do a damn good job regardless of's a bit hard to put em in tho.


Re: tires


Try Southwest moto tires above. They have a site but I called and got what i needed for my puch. Really good prices and free shipping with two tires. The guy is helpful too.


ps. would someone tell me how to covert the above address in to a "click me" or something like that? Thanks.

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