hondaPA50II -- burn it down!

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so, i finally got the old thing running... and beautifully at that. totally flies... i havent hooked up my speedometor yet, but i think it does well over 35... i was just wondering if there were any special break-in tips... should i follow the general rules even though this moped is like 20 years old? i have no clue of the last time it was running before now... however, it loves to roll... and i have been rocking it, just because im so stoked it finally runs... i actually purchased it for only 75$, so thats a bonus anyways... the only problem i have noticed is the idle is weird... when i come to a stop, i have to switch the choke back down or i stall out... i dont wanna have it die on me and have to be without it for any length of time, so any help would be appreciated. i also seem to be missing a cover of some sort that goes right over the middle, becuase all sorts of wires and whatnot are if anyone has one of those, let me know as well...

peace out.

-the casey

Re: HondaPA50II -- burn it down!

If it has over 200 miles on it.... No 'break-in' time is needed.

I have a PA50I... very similar.. but 10mph slower stock.

Re: hondaPA50II -- burn it down!

i have the same problem with idling with my pa50II. chris had suggested fiddling with the idling screws a bit, and fred suggested that i clean out the carb. i have yet to try either out, so i don't know if that'll do it. for now, i just rev it a lot when i'm stopped.

Re: hondaPA50II -- burn it down!

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hey kids, thanks for the tips... i just cleaned my carb thoroughly.. it had been sitting for probably 15 years... the carb looked like someone had been using it to cook filet mingon or something... nasty. i adjusted the stop screw, but it didnt do much (anything)... any other help on it would be rad... but as for now, this thing pretty much rocks and rolls. i would also like a new front rim... mine was pretty awfully bent so bought a used puch one from the local moped shop and it fits, but im worried that my front tire is gonna fly off. the front brake setup doesnt quite fit flush against the rim. it seems pretty tight, but burning down the many hills of cincinnati has me a little worried.


Re: hondaPA50II -- burn it down!

after sitting for a long long time, you'll probably just have to let it run for a while before it starts to idle. my bianchi was out of commission for about 3 months. and then i replaced the engine (not sure how long that wasn't running) and it runs fine, but it took it a few days to start to idel. i guess it just needs to get the juices flowing again. now it idles sooner and sooner after a start (except for the first start of the day, of course).

if you need/want parts, call handybikes. they have pretty much everything, it seems. i just ran into a kid w/ a 1979 pa50 today ... he did 40mph easy. nice bike.

Re: hondaPA50II -- burn it down!

Hey,Miguel! B.J. at HANDY BIKES told me the other day that they didn't carry a whole lot of specific stuff for the Jap. bikes.I just thought I'd let you know.BYE!

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