Tomos Ignition Timing

Hey everyone, does anyone know how big the proper point gap is for Tomos? It's a Golden Bullet, 1993, not sure if the model makes a difference. Thanx

Re: Tomos Ignition Timing

Reeperette /

Points gap for an A3 Tomos ?

0.35-0.45mm (0.0137-0.0177 inch)

Model makes no Difference.

I tend to squeeze mine down to about .31-.32 however.


Re: Tomos Ignition Timing

HI, Set mine at .16 and runs GREAT. (used) cleaned good first. Doug D

Re: Tomos Ignition Timing

Say,I think Ree was talkin' metric and Doug's talkin' thousandths of an inch,right? I own 3 bullets and haven't gotten into the points yet.BYE!

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