I just got hit on my Honda passport!not my fault

J.J. Slayback /

I just got in an accident on my passport.A 16 yr. old kid with a Mitsubishi rearended me at 15 miles an hour! Glad I'm alive!only have a few bumps to show for it and a mint cond. passport thats now in dent cond.!I haven't filed a police report on it yet because frankly I was a little dazed! He tore my rear fender up and knocked my alighnment outta wac! I have liability insurance! Im goin to the kids parents tommorow. They'll probably not wanna report it. probly just give money to fix.What should I do?Is their anything I can do to cover my butt so I don't get shafted?I talked to the kid tonight He told me the most he would pay me is 50$. What an insult!He almost kills me and then offers 50$!Where can I get an apprasil? Could have I possibly be toatled by bein out of allignment?Blue book says 690$. might take more than that to fix! Its not like they could get me another passport!or could they?If they ask how much cash what should I say? What should I do! please HELP!

Re: I just got hit on my Honda passport!not my fau

i'd go w/ blue book and double it. you can report that. it would go on their record, and perhaps involve all kids of criminal negligence and other fees. they'd rather just give you money. don't let them push you around. take a witness. get him to admit that he was at fault (tape record if possible, use a small recorder in your pocket). then tell him you need X dollars to repair your mint condition bike. if it was mint condition, it's an antique, not a "junker" or anything like that. be sure they know that.

Re: I just got hit on my Honda passport!not my fau

Miniengine /

I would be inclined to let the insurance company handle it. Nice guys finish last in the world of accidents. See what happens is they string you along with promises of money, but it never materializes. Then if you do want to make an accident claim the insurance companies want to know why it took you so long to report the accident. The stories of the accident change and before you realize it you were the one that backed into the car. Don't get involved with the people in the accident. Let the insurance company be the mean guys by making the guy responsible for his actions. I hope you did get the insurance information from the guy at the time of the accident so you can make the claim. If you have insurance on your moped call then too and let them know that you turned a claim in on their insurance, but may need them to fight for you. Two insurance companies working through an accident claim is usually better and faster then an individual and an insurance company.

The tape recorder in the pocket is a bad idea. If the person you're taping doesn't realize he's being taped it's illegal. By having a taped recording of the confession and trying to present it as evidence you just might find yourself on the receiving end of a law suit. These people aren't responsible for paying for your moped, their insurance company is. That's why we have insurance companies. Also, since the claim will probably be less then $1000 it won't effect his insurance rates, but then again that isn't your problem.

Always remember, nice guys finish last.


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Re: I just got hit on my Honda passport!not my fau

J.J. Slayback /

I thought it over,and you are100% right! THANKSfor the support!

Re: I just got hit on my Honda passport!not my fau

Hi,J.J.! There could be hidden damage.Miguel is right to tell you to demand a price that guarantees you have NO out of pocket expense.I think Miniengine is correct about yous insurance company also.But how about you? You should go to a chiropractor or orthopedic doctor and be checked out.Take my word for it! Injuries to the body can stay with you for life.If they don't satisfy your demands for any of this,tell them you're sorry but a lawyer will be next and they'll be responsible for all costs.BYE!

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