Bi-turbo broke off Targa - why ?-

This happened recently with my friend's 2000 red Targa TTLX with 70cc and Bi-Turbo. Let me try to describe what happened and hope that you can help me find a good solution to stopping this from hapening from him or me in the future.

When you have the 70cc kit, the Bi-Turbo needs a separate manifold and since that, the pipe is 2 pieces, the chrome manifold, and then the pipe itself, connected with a coupler. Now what happened was that the metal piece that goes from the TARGA (it is used no matter if you have stock or bi-turbo exhaust) to the exhaust to hold it up (it is a metal piece about 1 inch wide from the bottom of the chassis to the pipe broke as if someone snapped it off. (it would be Blue if your bike was blue, red if your bike is red, etc). What could have caused this to happen, improper mounting on the moped dealer's part? My friend did not ride his off road, or take any rough roads at high sppeds.

-another question: my friend was riding around a little bit now WITHOUT any pipe, (it is very, very, very LOUD)- it sounds very loud, yet is rather responsive. does this hurt the moped? Is it healthy and or bad for it?

thank you for any help.


Re: Bi-turbo broke off Targa - why ?-

Reeperette /

It's bad for your mixture....and prolly not good for your rings either.

I've done it, tho...make sure your mix is good so you don't seize.

As for the other, prolly the weld was just bad, it happens...zap it back on with an Arc welder, if you can....or bolt a new plate.


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