Ancient Negrini HELP!

Val Smith /

Hey there, i have an ancient (early 70's) negrini moped of the pedal persuasion.

I have taken the whole carburator apart and cleaned it, and flushed the tank and put new fuel in.

I also replaced the spark plug, although I just had to guess on the gap because i have no specs.

The darn thing wont stay started. Basically I take the plastic cover off the carburator, and spray carb cleaner into it, then pedal like mad and hit the clutch and rev the gas and it starts and revs up beautifully, but when the carb cleaner evaporates it dies.

I am looking for any specs, manuals, advice, help, sympathy I can get.



Re: Ancient Negrini HELP!

Hi V. You should stop trying to start it with carb cleaner. That would probably be OK in an engine that has been run recently on a regular gas/oil mix, but then just to get the fuel flowing. Without the lubrication you're not doing that engine any good. Ken

Re: Ancient Negrini HELP!

first, what kind of engine do you have? can't remember whether it's a minarelli or a morini. both are similar, but not that similar.

did you take the carb completely apart and clean it? or just the airbox (plastic cover). if not, take it completely apart and back together. check the jet and make sure it's clear.

since it starts, i assume you have spark. is it timed correctly? do you have good compression? check those two things. how is the muffler? is it clean and clear? if not, clean it. it might be clogged.

how's the clutch. does it engage? does it stick? it should not stick. the clutch is connected to a starter lever on the left hand side (should be the one lower down). pull that, pedal, then release when it begins to start. if you have the starter lever engaged when the engine is running ... it won't run.

go through a thorough troubleshooting. see fred's guide somewhere in this forum. good luck.

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