high altitude problem:vespa grande

I'm looking for advice regarding my vespa grande (1978). It runs pretty well at 5280' at all rpms. However at 7300' and above it has trouble at idle speeds and pulling away from a dead stop. Are there different jets available for this model's carb? Any advice will be appreciated.<br>

RE: high altitude problem:vespa grande


there is a vespa shop in san diego called

vespa super shop

the guy to talk to is favio, no shit.

have bought a lot of vespa moped parts

from him and he should straighten you out

i too have a grande, it has been kitted

out to 75cc and has bigger jets and an

expansion chamber. they should have

these parts at vespa supershop. if not

call me i know where to get them

have had my grande since 1985 when

in college

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