Internet Relay Chat

Internet Relay Chat aka IRC from now on.

All interested in helping to register an IRC channel for the Moped Army respond to this thread. All that "helping" means is that you WILL respond to an e-mail from the registration folks. IRC will give the army a "real time" chat/discussion room and the registration of a channel will help keep some sort of order in the forum. Like being able to ban certain folks like the idiot that fakes the Asian accent making the goofy posts here.

The Moped Army will also be able to schedule meetings if so desired.

Details on how to access the IRC chat will follow registration.


Re: Internet Relay Chat

hey im up for it, i think its a good idea. i've thought about it before but i figured most people would think the forum as sufficient. plus you don't all have to be there at the same time, and if for some reason you can't get an irc channel registered i can put up an irc server off my linux box, and we can try that.

Re: Internet Relay Chat

I am interested. That is a good idea.


Re: Internet Relay Chat

Reeperette /

Works for me.

Efnet preferably...definately not Dalnet if we can help it.


Re: Internet Relay Chat

Ya sure I'm in, sounds great.

Re: Internet Relay Chat

Michael L. /

yeah thatd be cool.. Efnet? Undernet?

Re: Internet Relay Chat

it could see it becomeing pretty popular.


yeah that has a nice ring to it.

Re: Internet Relay Chat

Simon King /

i don't do IRC much, but this sounds great. anything i can do to help i'm willing to. when you get it up let me know so i can make an official news post about it.

Re: Internet Relay Chat

Count me in.

Re: Internet Relay Chat

XBrandon EdgeX /

There's a chat room at, but there's never anyone there.

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