how good is the bi turbo

hi how much more speed/ power do you get from the bi turbo for standard engine on a 2000 tomos sprint with a5 engine?

Re: how good is the bi turbo

I dont know the exact figures, but it makes a HUGE difference, I have a tomos targalx 2000. But i belive they are the same engines. As soon as i put it on I immediatlly notcied accerleration increades and overall speed was up by about 5-7mph.

Re: how good is the bi turbo

can you attach a biturbo to any exhaust, ie; a 78 mobylette's? i would like to partake in this power upgrade... and what is the cost?

Re: how good is the bi turbo

Wayne Broderick /

To keep it short, I'm like an info-mercial for the biturbo.

I found it hard to believe that a simple upgrade could boost so much.

Re: how good is the bi turbo

Spartovi the biturbo's are made for puch and tomos mopeds. If your mobylette's s engine specs and other stuff is the same then it will help a great deal.......if they are really different it could be a waste of money. Also mounting it to a different moped proves a challenge, although it has been done to a honda moped i think i saw somewhere. Look at resources on this page to seee that maybe.

Re: how good is the bi turbo

Jamie Leonard /

Nod.. like everyone else said, they make a big difference. I gained a fair bit on the top end of my 2000 tomos just by adding that - everything else is strictly stock. It also helps acceleration for me - gets me up to speed a bit faster (which was more important to me than the top end, I never use that in inner-city driving... but a little more power certainly helps in taking off from the lights)

It does make it a big more loud - but thats a plus in my case.. I like the sound!

Makes it sounds more "meaner" :)

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