Minarelli, again, zzzzz

I know i'm repeating myself; Miguel and Don-Ohio, you guys both seem to have Minarellis. The consensus I gather from you both is that I need to drain the 10w-40 "great for 4-stroke engines"(i didn't read the label before i bought it) detergent "motorcycle" oil (recommended by the Suzuki dealer near me) quickly, and add something lighter.I will be running between 50 and 90 degrees F ambient temp. Of course, I have no manual, so just shooting in the dark. Should i start with a synthetic 10w-30, and do these come in non-detergent?, (and i don't understand what's wrong with detergent when that's a selling point with the supplier?). If I ramble further, just shoot me, thanks.

Re: Minarelli, again, zzzzz

i use the two cycle shit for weed eaters lol

minarelli uses non-detergent sae 20

no no no no no

you need straight non-detergent sae 20 for a minarelli engine. it has to be non-detergent. and sae 20. i'm not sure what the two-cycle weed eater thing is ... but if it's not non-detergent sae 20, don't use it.

minarelli uses non-detergent sae 20

i also assume you mean the oil in the clutch casing, right? that's where non-detergent sae 20 goes in. if you mean the oil to mix in the gas tank, that's just regular two-cycle oil. use about 2.8oz to the gallon.

Thanks for response, Miguel

I will begin searching around for some non-detergent SAE 20 weight to keep the old Minarelli humming, based on your advice.

Re: Thanks for response, Miguel

if you can't find sae 20, you can use sae 30 or 10w-30. be sure it's non-detergent. but try to find sae 20. it's better. 30 is only a second best substitute.

Re: minarelli uses non-detergent sae 20

Thanks, Miguel

I went shopping in the "usual" places, K-mart, Autozone, Walmart, today, couldn't find the SAE-20 anywhere. Yes, i mean to put the oil in the clutch/transmission. I'll put some SAE-30 in, and keep my eyes open for SAE-20 (i figure it won't matter so much in the hot summer with a thicker oil). Where did you find your's? Thanks for your input.

Re: minarelli uses non-detergent sae 20

i think the brand i used was national. can't remember, though. i got mine at a local (kalamazoo) hardware store, gale's. i think another place in kzoo also sels sae-20. but it is hard to find. check around. sae-30 shouldn't hurt, or even 10w-30. just be sure it's non-detergent. if you find a place that sells sae-20, stock up. that's my advice.

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