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What is the right kind? The moped itself says use ATF trans fluid, someone's manual says use type-F, and my brother says that Mercon III Dexron should work in just about everything. Here's what I've concluded from reading the bottles:

ATF+ is for Chrysler transmissions

Type-F is for certain Ford transmissions

Mercon III Dexron is for Chevrolet, Chrysler, and most others, including Daimler-Benz (who actually owns Puch) and does not work in Fords.

So what my moped says to use and what one of the forum user's manual says to use are two completely different fluids for very different transmissions.

Would the real correct fluid please step forward...

Oh yeah, it's a 1977 Puch Newport (same as Maxi) Single speed transmission.

I deeply appreciate any help.

Re: Puch Transmission fluid

I've got a 1978 maxi, I use type F transmission fluid, works killer. I do think you could probably use any of the three, but my shop manual says to "Only use Type F transmission fluid" and so I've just always used type F. (I suggest type F).

Re: Puch Transmission fluid

Type F is recommended, but FA is the one available. I've used it with no problem.

Re: Puch Transmission fluid

I own an 86 Puch Cobra and the manual plus a sticker on the right hand side cover says to use "F" type transmission fluid only. I put over 30,000 miles on a 79 Puch Maxi and it used the same fluid, and it never gave me a problem. Brian

Re: Puch Transmission fluid

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Are all of you running the single speed or MKII transmissions?

Re: Puch Transmission fluid

Sorry about that. I should have told you whether I had a single speed or a two speed. Both of mine were single speeds. I can't tell you what to put in a two speed since Iv'e never owned one. Brian

Re: Puch Transmission fluid

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No problem, mine's a single speed, too.

Well, that tears it. I'm goin' to the store to get some Type-F!

Thanks for all the help everyone.

XBrandon EdgeX

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