tomos a5 engine?

i have a tomos moped and it says it hasa a 5 engine, is it the same engine as the a35, or a3

Re: tomos a5 engine?

and also, does the bi turbo exaust for a3/a35 standard engine work with my a5?

Re: tomos a5 engine?

Reeperette /

Apparently the Forum "Ate" the previous post in which I answered this.

A3 Engine - Hexagonal Cylinder, 38mm piston, 10mm Gudgeon pin, shorter stroke, longer transmission.

A5 Engine - Square Cylinder, 38mm piston, 12mm Gudgeon pin, longer stroke, shorter transmission.

A35 is a misnomer, Tomos had planned to release the A5 engine mounted to the A3 transmission or vice-versa, even made out the decals and printed the manuals, but they never built any of them.

It's either A3 or A5....and the BiTurbo will work with either one.

It's the speed kit that would not work with the least not unless you replace the stock pistonarm with one from an A5.

Hope that helps,


Re: tomos a5 engine?

Wayne Broderick /

Ree-- I understand exactly what you're explaining.

Do you know the date range which this occured? Like bikes before 1985, or after 1997...

Any way to tell which bike you have w/o wrenching it apart?

Re: tomos a5 engine?

Reeperette /

>>Do you know the date range which this occured?<<

Circa 1990-1991.

They were making both engines thru those years, and apparently switched wholly over to A5 after that.

As for how to tell ? just look at the Cylinder...part where the spark plug goes in.

If it's hexagonal, A3....if it's square, A5 - simple as that.


Re: tomos a5 engine?

Drop some knowledge on your asses..

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