Autopower vs Express-SR

Today I finally got my wife to take a ride with me. She rode her Honda Express-SR that I found on Ebay and I was on my Avanti Autopower. The route is quite hilly in places and it proved interesting. On level ground I blow her away, but on the serious hills she leaves me far behind. since the Honda has a variator drive and the avanti a 2 speed this didn't surprise me but the difference was more than I expected. Both fine machines but with different strengths. Ken

Re: Autopower vs Express-SR

Ron Brown /


How do you compare in weight. Try trading rides and see what happens.


Re: Autopower vs Express-SR

Thanks Ron, That thought had already come to me. I outwiegh her by about 40 lbs.

I asked her to trade on the way back but she declined my offer, but I'll get her to do it one of these days.

Another point to consider, I had just filled the transmission with SAE 30 oil, like the factory says, and I could feel it was more sluggish than before. I just drained it and put in Dextron III and tomorrow I'll head for the hills and try it out. Ken

Re: Autopower vs Express-SR

never put trasmision fluid in the transmision cause when transmission fluid gets hot it expands and makes a lot of pressure in the transmission only put what the book says and how much the book says

by the way the sr is only 1 speed i hve taken mine completely apart

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