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Rick - Canada /

I forgot to mention I just got a brand new biturbo exhaust and the reason for asking about the synthetic oil is I had major carbon build up in the exhaust port hence loss of power, but wow it runs like a dream now. Had it cleaned (still under warranty)

Oil and carbon.

If you were running two stroke oil meant for dirtbikes(like you should) at a ratio of 3 oz per gallon of gas and you were getting a carboned up exhaust port your carb jetting was too rich.

I do not run synthetic oil in hard running dirtbikes and I get NO carbon build up.. and my piston/rings last a long time.

Synthetic oil costs more than twice as much and I find no tangible advantage.

Other people swear by it.

The BiTurbo will lean your bike out some and will probably stop the carbon build up.. also keep an eye on the spark plug color so it doesn't go too lean and seize the piston.

If you have a CDI then you don't have points and condensor.

Re: Oil and carbon.

Chris Robertson /

I agree with Fred. I find that synthetics are an unnecessary extravagance. It doesn't hurt to use them, though.


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