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Rick - Canada /

I own a 2000 moped and the thing runs great. I have owned it for 4 months now (bought it with 400 km on it) and have put on 3000 kms. I have a biturbo exhaust and my top speed is 80 km/h or 50 mph on flat surface. I was wondering if a synthetic oil is better for it or not. Can someone please help

Re: Tomos Targa

Wayne Broderick /

And what about "dura-lube" and all those other zany teflon products...??

"....we drained this moped of oil, and filled the engine with crushed gravel and metal filings.....and look, it's running better than when it was new...."

Re: Tomos Targa

i really needed that laff, thanks Wayne...

Just where are you gonna put this synthetic oil? Do they make synthetic mixing oils ? Hmmm, not a bad idea...


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Hi Lane... Doug D here, I been using Amsoil synthetic in my 2 Tomos`s a good while now, Both run excellent on synthetic, NO CARBON BUILD-UP! 1 is injection and other premix (took off pump) For my 2 cents, I will never change, don`t give seizing another thought... Gonna try it in the Trannie next. Later Dude

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