Anyone know how I remove the flywheel so I can replace a broken coil? And does anyone know where I can get a new coil? I have a 77 Batavus VA.

Re: Magneto

you need a special tool called a flywheel puller. call handybikes. they should have one. or check as well. replacing a broken coil might be tough ... and if the price isn't much different than a whole new stater plate ... might as well go the whole distance.

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Michael L. /

with alot of mopeds you can use a pitman arm puller or a harmonic balancer puller also (you might be able to find these at a local auto store).

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Chris Robertson /

If you use the harmonic balance puller it might be necessary to drill and tap holes in your flywheel.

Be really careful about what is behind your drill bit!


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the right tool for the right job. use a flywheel puller for your bike. it has to be the right kind. the tool is pretty cheap and only really requires that you also have a rachet set.

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I'm against drilling and tapping a flywheel since it can damage the dynamic balance of it. It can also weaken it, and you don't want a piece that can spin at 5000RPM blowing up next to your leg.

Miguel, I concur: The right tool for thr right job!


Re: Magneto

Melissa! Make sure you cover your hands and nails if you're a woman.I'm not being demeaning here,I'm just warning you that flywheel work has a way of bustin' knuckles and cuttin' you up!BYE!

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