1989 Trac Olympic???

I am looking at a 1989 Trac Olympic moped. The bike is in very poor condition and has actually been layed down about 2-3 times. It is very rough and needs some parts. I was told by someone that these fine(?) mopeds are no longer imported to the states and parts availability is nill. Anyone know anything at all about these machines? I actually had another 1989 Trac Olympic years ago and I thought it was a great bike (5000 trouble free miles!).

Thanks in advance for any help


Re: 1989 Trac Olympic???

XBrandon EdgeX /

You can get a few parts for them. Try the resources section of this site. I saw a Trac parts section at


Re: 1989 Trac Olympic???

there are 6-7 track mopeds in akron. they're out there. lots of them. the olympic may not be around anymore, but i'm sure you can find parts. and always, always, call handybikes. talk to bj. he seems to know everything. or call akron moped and talk to maz.

Re: 1989 Trac Olympic???

What do you need for it> Doug

Re: 1989 Trac Olympic???

Check around Treats or 77.

post up some pics!

Re: 1989 Trac Olympic???


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