perhaps a stupid question?

i'm trying to put together a1976 puch maxi. i have all the parts ... minus a bing carburetor (on order). now, i think i might be able to get it all together and ready. so ... the question is ... would a dellorto carburetor work? i have an extra one (14.9) lying around.

it seems that a carburetor is a carburetor. as long as i could get it attached on the bike, why shouldn't it work? if you know of any reasons, do let me know asap. i won't try it until i get a green light from at least 2-3 of the "gurus". thanks.

Re: perhaps a stupid question?

Sure it will Miguel, I knew a guy in Virginia that put a small mikuni carb and an expansion chamber on a Puch Maxi, jetted it properly and it would do over 60 mph with the original 49 cc cylinder. Was it safe? No. I think your best bet is to just wait till you get your Bing carb, make sure the intake manifold is the same size as the carb ( 12mm manifold+12mm carb or 14mm manifold+14mm carb ) and get it jetted properly. You will be glad you did in the long run. Brian

Re: perhaps a stupid question?

Ron Brown /


If it matches the manifold more or less, try it. You are in no danger of self destructing unless you are too lean. Do a quick plug check and you should be safe.


Re: perhaps a stupid question?

i just mean to do it as temporary solution. after the bike gets wired and put together (it's in rough shape) it'd be nice to ride it around and see how things are working. i'm not looking for performance gains, just something to run before monday (when i think the bing carb will arrive).

i'll see if i can fit it on ... might just go ahead and try it. ;-)

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