I got my plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my plate!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my plate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be on the road as soon as I can get out of work. I went to the licencing office and calmly but sternly explained their lack of options and within 20 minutes and $32 later I had my plate. I even got an appology from the clerk!!! What can I say...the Moped Army saved the day. This truly is MY independance day!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for their comments, suggestions, and general support. Now it's time to "Rule the world with 2-stroke power!!!!".


Re: Satisfaction!!!!!!!!!!!

ride hard. ride often.

Re: Satisfaction!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Robertson /


It sucks that we have to tell the MTO people how to do their jobs, but if you insist they look up the registration dogma they preach they do figure it out eventually.

Good work!


Re: Satisfaction!!!!!!!!!!!

amen bro

Re: Satisfaction!!!!!!!!!!!

I just rode into work this morning. It's about a 15km. Short, but what a blast!!!

They should make it a law that EVERYONE (who deserves it of course) must ride these wonderous machines.

Sure was a learning experience though. I never realized just what big pricks people can be. I had one guy in an old beat-up pickup truck (which was rumbling and smoking away) yell out the window "Look, a baby motorcycle. How cute." I couldn't help but laugh at the thought that he's spending about as much on gas sitting at the light, then I am for my whole trip. What a rube!!!

I can now unequivicably state that this is truly THE way to go. All of you have got it right!!!!


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