qt-50 speedo

I've got 2 running qt-50's - both yellow '82. The diff is that one sat out in the sun for 10-15 years, so that's the parts bike.

The better scooter was missing the speedo cable, so I pulled the one off the parts bike and hooked it up. Doesn't work going forward - but it DOES seem to register when the wheel is turned backward. Of course I pulled the cable out of the housing, used solvent to clean it well, and re-lubed with Phil tenacious oil, what I had on hand.

What's up with this? Can the little goodie that turns the speedo cable be stripped? Is there a way to test this? Common wear problem?

Any hints appreciated. It'd be novel to know how fast I'm going. ;-)


Re: qt-50 speedo

Reeperette /

The gadget that attaches to the front wheel ? it's on backwards (wrong side) then.

Take that piece off, turn it around, and put it on the OTHER side...and it should work fine.

I know this cause the first time I ever replaced a speedo (I don't bother anymore...who needs a speedo ?) I put the damn thing on backwards and it did exactly that.

There you go,


Re: qt-50 speedo

Yeh, but... I have 2 of these scooters, and the speedo connection on the wheel is on the left side front wheel on both... I see NO way to get this reversed, the housing on the hub that the speedo cable goes into also holds the front brake cable assembly.

I can put a pic up on the web if it'll help...



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