motron moped

Terry Doerr /

"I just purchased a 1980 Motron by <br>Minnarelli Motori of Italy. It has 300 miles<br>and runs like new. Several questions:<p>1. Rust in gas tank. Previous forum writer<br>indicated a two part kit to correct but did not<br>identify the brand name of the product.<p>2. My manual indicates 20W oil for the<br>transmission. I don't think they make<br>plain 20W anymore, only 20W-50W. Can I use this?<p>3. If anyone has the address of Minarelli<br>Motori of Italy or the distributor, Motron<br>Corp of America, I would appreciate it.<p>I like this site and tank the webmasters.<p>TD"

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