It's not my fault!

Ron Brown /


The ad said, Batavus moped for sale, good condition, $125.00.

I only went to see it out of curiosity. It is a yellow 1978 Starflite, looks like the one that appears on the right side of the forum page sometimes with the fuel tank on the front frame tube. It has 1100 miles/km? on it and the chrome parts have a little rust but otherwise it is in good shape. Of course, it would not start, but the guy said he put a little gas in it yesterday and it ran. I was already sucked in so I bought it.

Now, can anyone out there fill in the following blanks:

Point gap . . . . . . . .

Timing . . . . . . . . . .

Spark plug . . . . . . .

Plug gap . . . . . . . .

Anything else about maintaining this ped that may not be obvious.

Thanks in advance.


Re: It's not my fault!

check <A HREF="">moped junkyard</A>. i think they sell batavus manuals. i've heard the starflite is a hot bike. good luck w/ it.

Batavus Service Manual

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Do you know if the Starflite has the Laura M48 engine? I have the feeling that it doesn't and if so, I can save you the trouble of buying a Batavus service manual. The Batavus service manual that the Moped Junkyard sells is only for the Batavus VA, HS-50, MoBat, and Bronco. I've been through the service manual front to back, back to front, upside down and right side up and not a single word was mentioned of the Starflite. Sorry.

Oh, and if I didn't mention it enough, THANK YOU for helping me design the battery system on the Batavus. I gave you credit for helping design the system.


Lamborn's Miniature Engines

Re: Batavus Service Manual

Ron Brown /


Thanks, I'll check the engine when I pick the ped up later.

You're welcome on the charger circuit.


Re: It's not my fault!

point .016

plug gap 020

book calls175T1 Bosch for the 20-25mph version W240T1for 30mph i think you have 20-25 ver, m48 these plug are prob out of date think

timing 079-2mm btdc

carb 20mph version has S23 #50 jet

25 " " " S8A 52

30 " " " S22/25 #56

hope some help email if need anything else Dan

Re: It's not my fault!

Ron Brown /


Thanks a lot. I'll get back to you if I get stuck.


Re: It's not my fault!

Hi,Ron! I just obtained a BATAVUS starflite shop manual from MOPEDWAREHOUSE for 15.00 plus 3.95 shipping. It's got less pages than some manuals so they said they charge a lower price.BYE!

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