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Hi guys! It's been a while since I posted, but here goes....

Has anyone out there rigged up something like a bike rack to carry their peds on for long distance trips... I know a regular bike rack probably wouldn't hold the weight. I have an 85 VW Golf that is my daily driver, and would love to carry my ped with me when I go to college, as our Campus here at Frostburg is very spread out.

Maybe a double bike rack with some mods could hold the weight?

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Sorry for the double post...

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Reeperette /

There's a bumper mount rack for Mopeds, I forget who makes it tho.

I also doubt it would fit on the back bumper of any of these newer was made for the good old fashioned steel bastards.


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If you can find a class II hitch (it will have a 1 1/4 in. receiver for a draw bar) that will fit your car, you can buy a platform to carry extra stuff. That would carry your ped with no trouble.

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Yeah,Ken! I've been wrestling with this very problem.We go down to Florida every year and I could use a carrier like you described except I want one that I can easily get out of the way of my liftgate on the Aerostar van we travel in.I don't want to have to unload the mopeds when I need to get in the rear door.I'm afraid I'll never solve this one.If ANYBODY knows of a tough rear carrier(has to be for 2 mopeds)that will swing out of the liftgate's way while the bikes are still in it,PLEASE help me out.THANKS!

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rent a trailer from uhaul. That would solve all problems..


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This is the closest thing I have seen but I do not know how well it will work with a VW.


Lifetime Warranty

Now you can load and carry your scooter or small motorcycle without a bulky trailer, no hassle, just load from either side and go. You can also tow a trailer at the same time.

All pins and fasteners are stainless steel. Easy one-person operation, just a few minutes and it is safely loaded, secured and ready to be carried anywhere.

Lightweight aluminum frame (about 40 lbs) made to fit your cycle.

The entire carrier slides into a 2

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