honda nc50

I inherited a Honda Express[ Yellow] NC50.I know parts are missing so I need pictures,partslists,any help possible. Also need to know how to tell the year from the serial no.


Thanks Frank

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Hi! My friend just got a manual for NC-NA 50 ,and it is awesome.I think it's over 120 pgs.,and pictures galore.The year of your bike should be stamped in the I.D. plate,my friend Henry says.He got his manual from E-bay but go to the site `Expressly Mopeds' thru searching the links and you can get one there ,I think.You really have to have a shop manual if you want to keep the bike.BYE!

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This site has pictures, some specs and good links to find honda express parts.

I just ordered a new headlight and tires from scootermania which is located in San Diego. Their e-mail is I found they had very reasonable prices.

The best advice I can give you is if your headlight isn't working make sure before you put a new one in that your battery is charged. If it is not you will blow your headlight out.

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Wayne Broderick /

There is also a silicone rectifier under the seat. I replaced that when I was popping headlights

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How much did you pay for the new headlight from scootermania for your honda express, and is it a factory replacement or does it have replaceable bulbs?



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