84 honda spree won't start

The machine was working and then when i went to restart it after it cooled off, I'm getting spark with the spark plug outside resting on the muffler, and shoot a prime into the carb and cylindar and has electric start and still couldn't get it to start. I then took the carb apart and cleaned it, and put it together again and same results, Not even an putter, What do you think, Plug not fireing under comprision or what ??

Re: 84 honda spree won't start

Try a brand new plug first.

Re: 84 honda spree won't start

Hi,Ron! Along the lines of spark plug,are you sure that the plug isn't drowning in gas? It's possible that the float is sticking or choke went shut on you which can drown your plug.But I'm like Fred at first and also say try a new plug.BYE!

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