Negrini Ignition Timing Help

Hey, I have a 50cc Negrini dirt bike. It has a weak spark an will not start. I recieved information that it may be the points and timing. Does anyone know what setting my timing should be at? Any help would be appreciated. Thanx

Re: Negrini Ignition Timing Help

On most mopeds the timing is set between .014 and .018 mm. I use .016 for my Minarelli and Sachs mopeds.


Re: Negrini Ignition Timing Help

Hey,Dave! I suppose everyone knows you're talking about measuring BTDC,right?

Re: Negrini Ignition Timing Help

Ron Brown /

Sounds more like a point gap to me.


Re: Negrini Ignition Timing Help

yes, daveb was giving the point gap for minarelli. timing for the minarelli is at 23 degrees btdc (before top dead center) or 0.79. from what we know, morini and minarelli are very similar. try that timing on it. unless someone knows better? then listen to them.

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