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I have a 1977 pacer moped with a franco morini engine.

Heres my problem after driving it for a while and you let it idle it shut off and wont start again until it cools down I also found out one of the magnets on the flywheel is cracked and a piece of it is missing,but it is still magnitized and all the lights work fine. The magnet was cracked before and it ran fine. please help!!!!!!



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Another coil problem?

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if your magneto (or flywheel) is broken (and you're sure that it is?), then you need another one. call handy bikes or moped junkyard and see if you can find some. look through our resources links and find their sites. they ship nationwide. there are other places, too. tell them the moped army sent you.

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I don

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Dave,I do remember one time I was having roughly the same trouble and the cause was this: Where the wires solder to the condenser (which faces you), there was a few stray strands of wire rubbing against the magneto cover.I just clipped the strays and have never had another problem with the Franco-Morini.But it is due for points replacement again.BYE!

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I had a friend who had a problem with his tractor where the condensor would overheat and cause the points to spark like crazy. Try starting your enging at night peeking through the magneto to see if your points start sparking once it warms up. If so, you can mount the condensor on the outside of the engine.

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Hi,Michael! I don't understand what you mean by sparking,I guess.Any healthy set of points sparks every time they're separated by the timing cam.I would be real suspicious though if I did not see sparking,so maybe you mean sparking where the condenser wire hooks on or something?Straighten me out here.BYE!

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Ron Brown /


The goal of the condensor is to absorb the high voltage inductive "kick back" voltage from the coil primary, as the magnetic field collapses, when the points open. If the condensor shourts out, the points opening achieves nothing, however, if the condensor goes open, the points spark like the 4th of July and burn up really fast.

Consider yourself starightened out. :-)


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Yeah,o.k. Ron! I thought he was talking about the regular spark at the contacts you get when you're cranking an engine over.I didn't know he was talking about a celestial light show.THANKS for staightening me out! My wife says that's the first time it's ever been done.BYE!

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